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Pharmacy Affiliate Program

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  • Earn 25% of the retail profit

Our Mission

“In the ever growing & increase of mine sales of CBD, Never miss a sale again.

Now you can reach for beyond your pharmacy to reach friends & family of your current patients with our one of a kind Affiliate program you earn 25% of the retail profit. Follow our step by step, easy to use program at no risk and watch your online CBD sales grow. The Cannabis Pharmacy Delivers Award winning CBD by Green Roads Manufacturers.

The #1 largest privatly held CBD companies in the USA."

Step 1

Submit Your Application

Step 2

Apon reciept we will review your application. Once approved you will have access to your distibute.

Step 3

Once approved tell EVERYONE! Display your discount card & Brouchers follow all marketing suggetions!!

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Online Affiliate Program

Q How much does it cost to participate?

A No Cost to participate, but we do encourage you to invest in SEO.

Q Is there a contract or commitment?

A There is NO contract or commitment.

Q Will I have to handle any inventory, shipping or credit card processing?

A No! Coastal handles ALL inventory, shipping and Credit card transactions, as well as customer service issues.

Q How much do I earn?

A You will receive 25% of all Retail profits from your program's sales. (Retail Profit commission= Retail Cost – Discount – credit card fees – shipping cost – wholesale cost of product)

Q When do I get paid my 25% commission?

A You receive your payment via check or direct deposit on a monthly basis. You are responsible for your income taxes via 1099.

Q How do I receive credit for online purchases?

A Your unique coupon code as well as your personalized link from your website will together be used to track and credit all sales from your online customers.

Q What products will we be able to sell online?

A You will now be able to sell all 75+ Green Roads products, as well as all new products they offer in the future!

Q Will patients have an information line to call for product questions and dosage information?

A Coastal Cannabis Distributors’ experienced team will handle all inbound customer service calls as well as any other questions or concerns.

Q What is the name of the affiliate website?

A Your patients will be directed to:

Q Will this make my current customers buy online instead of in my pharmacy?

A Your customers already have the ability to order online from an infinite number of websites that sell CBD for the same price (or often lower prices) with free shipping. This will allow you to be able to capture those sales through your Affiliate Portal instead of competing with the convenience of delivery. Never miss a CBD sale again, regardless of time of day or the location of your perspective Patient!

Q Will we be able to extend the 30% Military, First Responders, and Teachers online discounts?

A Yes! All verified military, first responders, and teachers will receive a 30% discount. This is a great way to give back.

Q Will my staff be able to get a discount for them and their families?

A All staff and family members will continue to receive 50% all online purchases. This allows them to feel the benefits of CBD at your cost without depleting your inventory!